Full Home Inspections between $300 and $500

Why pay more? We are InterNACHI certifed

We know that you are looking for the best home inspector that can also provide you with great value. Safeline Home inspection offers detailed home inspection reports with pictures and videos. If you are from out of state or don't plan on attending the inspection our detailed inspection report is the best way to understand the true condition of the home. We typically take over 150 pictures during a home inspection. Why, because a picture is worth a thousand words. A home inspection is only worth the amount of effort the inspector puts in. All our InterNACHI certified home inspectors are well trained and will give you their maximum effort. The home inspection can potentially save you thousands if major defects are NOT missed.

Payment Methods

Cash, Check, Debit Card and Credit Card

Certified Home Inspection (CHI)

Certified Home Inspection (CHI)

Our inspection fee is determined by square footage, the age of the property, and its location. They include 2 to 3-hour inspection on average, Full-color home inspection report that is emailed, over 100 images with HD video, Recall Check, Homeowners newsletter, and Florida home maintenance book.

  • Base Price: $240.00
  • Size: $0.05 /ft 2
  • Age: $1.20 /year
  • Mileage One Way: $1.35 /mile

Price Example: A 2416 Sq. Ft. house built in 1996 located in Valrico FL (8 miles away) would cost $395.30 for us to inspect that Home.

1. A detailed home inspection performed by an InterNACHI Certified home inspector that has performed over 700 inspections.
2. A detailed analysis of your home, identifying major and minor defects.
3. InterNACHI's "We'll Buy Your House Back" Guarantee. If we miss anything we will buy your house back.
4. Paperback copy of "Now that you've had a home inspection in Florida" Home maintenance book.
5. An inspection company that is insured for $ 1Million in general liability.
6. Free lifetime membership to Homebinder to keep up with your new homes maintenance.
7. An inspector that will put forth the maximum effort needed to ensure you get the best possible home inspection.
8. BuildFax reports online permit history search.
9. A digital home inspection report delivered in under 24 hours. The report is understandable with color pictures, videos, and defect summary page.
10. A list of local business that we recommend that can help you accomplish other goals you may have or need.
11. Repair Pricer Report will give you an estimate on what it will cost to get any defects found on the report repaired.

Condo Discount

-$50.00 on all Condominium Inspections only**

Sunday Inspections


Holiday Inspections


Pre-Listing Move in Certified Inspection

Same price as a full inspection.

New Construction Phase Inspections

$400.00 + Mileage & Full Inspection cost for final Inspection

Wood-Destroying Organism (WDO) Inspection

$100.00 **Only sold with a Full Inspection**

4-Point Insurance Inspection

  • $100.00 + mileage if Standalone 4-point
  • $50.00 with full inspection

Wind Mitigation Inspection

  • $75.00 + Mileage if Standalone Wind Mitigation
  • $125.00 + Mileage if Standalone with 4-point
  • $50.00 if With a Full Inspection

Indoor Air Quality/Mold Testing (4 samples)

  • $350.00 + Mileage (stand Alone) & $75.00 per additional sample - 1 Day TAT
  • $250.00 (With full inspection) & $75 per additional sample - 1 Day TAT

I minimum of 3 samples are required to perform IAQ tested. It is recommended to take one air sample per 1000 sq ft. It is also recommended to take a direct sample to the culture in question.

Spot Check Inspection

Mileage + $100.00 per hour

Radon Testing

  • Short Term Testing $150.00 + Mileage 4 to 5 Day TAT
  • Long Term Testing $200.00 + Mileage 4 Week TAT

Roof Certification

$100.00 + Mileage

Water Quality Testing

Water testing can only be done on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday

  • Bacteria Only $180.00 + Mileage 3 Day TAT
  • Chemical, Bacteria, Lead $270.00 + Mileage 3 Day TAT
  • FHA / VA (Bacteria, Lead, Nitrates) $230.00 + Mileage 3 Day TAT
  • Complete Analysis $375.00 + Mileage 3 Day TAT

Lead Paint Testing

$175.00 + Mileage 3 Day TAT

Chinese Drywall Testing

  • $350.00 + Mileage 7-10 Day TAT
  • $450.00 + Mileage 5 Days TAT
  • $550.00 + Mileage 3 Days TAT


$75.00 + Mileage