Advertise your house as Move-In Certified!

Advertise your house as Move-In Certified!

We want everyone to know your house is Move-In Certified!

This is a Safeline Home Inspections Move-In Certified yard sign. This is one way we can make sure that everyone knows your house is move-in certified. We provide you will yard signs, flyers, and logos to market that your house is move-in certified. Because move-in certified inspection are per-inspected and come with a warranty, they help older house to compete with new construction. By the way, there is a lot of new construction going on in the Tampa Bay area. A Move-In Certified inspection will help.

There are many advantages to buying and selling a house that is move-in certified. One of the best reason for a buyer is know know what you are buying before you put an off in on the house. If you are a seller, a Move-In certified house that is in perfect condition gives you proof the you deserve top dollar for your house. Still not convinced? Read the flyer on this page for more reason to buy and sell a house that is Move-In certified.

Don't you want to know what condition the house is in before you make an offer on it. That's exactly what a move-in certified home inspection can do for you.

All Move-In Certified houses are back with a warranty

InterNACHI's We'll Buy Your Home Back Guarantee!

A Move-in certified house will save everyone time and money. If you are a buyer the house has just been inspected. You have seen the report first hand. Save yourself some money and waive your inspection period. The house comes with a buy back guarantee anyway. Paying for another inspection could cost $500 or more. That money could go towards the new TV you have been wanting.

We guarantee that Safeline Home Inspection has performed the best inspection possible. We are so sure of it that all our inspection are covered by the InterNACHI Buy Back Guarantee! That's right, if we miss something that we should have found according to our standards of practice. You will give you your money back. Whatever you paid for the house, then you can just go and buy another house.

If you are selling your house AS IS, a Move-In Certified inspection is the best way to do it. Use the inspection to fully disclose the true condition of the house. If the house is priced right it will still sell. This will eliminate having to deal with unsure buyers and get everyone to the closing table faster.