Have you seen this sign before?

Have you seen this sign before?

These yard signs let you know a report is available

This is a Safeline Home Inspections Move-In Certified yard sign. If you have seen it then there is a good chance that you have seen a move-in certified house.

There are many advantages to buying a house that is move-in certified. My favorite is because the house have already been inspected you don't have to pay for the house to be inspected again. Just follow the links below and download the reports.

Don't you want to know what condition the house is in before you make an offer on it. That's exactly what a move-in certified home inspection can do for you.

A Pre inspected House Will Save You Time and money

Buy A House That Is Move-in Certified!

A Move-in certified house will save you both time and money. Every house here has just been has just been inspected. You could pay for another inspection. Or, you could trust that the inspector at Safeline home inspection have completed the inspection for you and have done a terrific job. It would be completely up to you weather you want to pay for another home inspection. If you elected to trust our report you would save hundreds and still have the security of knowing the house has been inspected.

We guarantee that Safeline Home Inspection has performed the best inspection possible. We are so sure of it that all our inspection are covered by the InterNACHI Buy Back Guarantee! That's right, if we miss something that we should have found according to our standards of practice. You will get your money back. Whatever you paid for the house, then you can just go and buy another house.