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We Really Do Value ALL Of Our Customers

In fact, that's the primary reason we have decided to price all our goods and services with a Cash Discount payment option. The cost of accepting electronic payments continues to rise, oftentimes on a monthly basis. More customers than ever pay with credit cards, and many of these are "rewards" cards. Most consumers don't understand that our business ultimately funds those valuable rewards points. As a result, our cost of doing business continues to increase. Up to this point, we have absorbed all price increases internally. However, in an effort to keep our prices competitive and our business profitable, we have decided to price all our goods and services with a cash discount. We still welcome various electronic payment methods in our business. However, those transactions will incur a non-cash adjustment to help offset the fees we must pay to process those payments.

Again, we value All of our customers and we understand some patrons may not agree with our position, but we take this position in order to provide better service as well as more value in the future.

Thank you very much for your understanding and continued loyalty.